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Count on All Wireless to bring your old electronic's back to life. Whether you've got a Reel to Reel Deck, Cassette Deck, 8 Track Deck, Tube Amplifier, Record Player, VCR, or even vintage Radio that needs repairs. We specialize in this area and have the tools, spare part's to work on this stuff. We even offer full restoration services.


Trust our friendly and knowledgeable team to answer your questions about the repairs you need. Contact us to schedule your computer repair services!

Repairs for most Vintage Electronics

Thorough repair services

We fix most vintage electronics issues such as replacing faulty out of specs bad components, testing and troubleshooting to component level and have test equipment to service and repair most electronics without guessing. We also do upgrades such as incandescent bulb to led conversion on dail face of old tuners and receivers, Transistors and capacitors upgrades on older audio gear and much more.


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